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We are delighted to showcase the remarkable energy efficiency projects taking place in Egyptian Public Universities, through a collaborative effort between a reputable bank (KfW) and the government of Egypt. 

Monitoring and Management Consultant

Under the Auspices of
H.E. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour
and Prof. Dr. Mostafa Refaat

H.E. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Refaat

General Secretary of SCU

Welcome Notes

Universities are at the forefront of academic and scientific advancements, and their commitment to environmental stewardship is equally commendable. By investing in energy-efficient infrastructure and technologies, these institutions are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but also setting an inspiring example for future generations. 

With the financial support provided by our esteemed banking partner and the government’s commitment to a cleaner and greener future, these projects are transforming the way universities operate. From upgrading lighting systems, implementing solar panels, to optimizing heating and cooling solutions, each endeavor plays a pivotal role in conserving resources and promoting a sustainable campus environment. 

Our dedicated team of experts is working closely with the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) and the participating Egyptian universities, leveraging their expertise to develop tailored strategies and implementation plans. We take pride in enabling institutions to achieve their energy efficiency goals, empowering them to save costs, enhance student experiences, and contribute to a more sustainable society. 

We invite you to explore this webpage, where you will learn more about the inspiring success stories and innovative solutions resulting from our collaborations. Together, we are making a significant impact on energy consumption within universities, transforming them into beacons of sustainable development. 

Welcome to the exciting world of energy efficiency projects in universities, driven by a strong partnership between a forward-thinking bank, the government, and our experienced consultancy. 

Eng. Georgios Markogiannakis 
Team Leader 

Opening of Bids for Energy Audits/Engineering Services in the Egyptian Universities 3rd of March 2024

Kickoff meeting 9th of May 2022

Signing the Separate Agreement 22th of May 2023

EE Project Management meeting 30.05.2024

Group Photo MC premises

The Program

The program aims at supporting the implementation of energy efficiency (EE) measures in Egyptian public universities. Through installation of EE measures in Universities via a concerted program between them and the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU), savings in energy use shall be achieved in addition to raising awareness for EE in the educational sector.

Program Goals

  • Reduction of energy consumption through cost-effective EE-measures
  • Contribution to Climate Protection
    (SDG No. 7, 12, 13, 17)

Project Implementing Unit (PIU) and the Development Financing Partner

SCU and Management Consultant (MC) jointly constitute the Project Implementing Unit (PIU) in collaboration with the Development Financing Partner.

Supreme Council of Universities (SCU)

Professor Ghada Bassioni

Senior Project Manager – SCU

Professor Tarek Saad Abdel-Salam

Deputy Project Manager – SCU
April 2024

Ms. Mahrvan Marwan

Technical Follow up coordinator – SCU 

March 2024 till now

Ms. Abeer El Shahawy

Technical follow up coordinator – SCU 

September 2023 – February 2024

Eng. Ghada Ghaleb

Technical follow up coordinator – SCU 

May 2020-August 2023

Financial and procurement follow up coordinators (SCU)

Mr. Hany Salem

Director of procurement and storages

Mrs. Hanaa Ebeid

Director of Contracting Department

Mr. Ali Rashdaan

Deputy Director of Inventory Control

Technical Committee Members

Prof. Dr. Salem Elkhodary

Technical Committee member

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Moemen Afify

Technical Committee member

Prof. Dr. Yasser Mansour

Technical Committee member

Development Financing Partner

Baroness Claudia
von Fersen

Principal Portfolio Manager, Energy North Africa –  KfW Frankfurt


Senior Projects Coordinator, Energy SectorK – KfW Cairo

Eng. Mohamed

Technical advisor – KfW Frankfurt Office

Management Consultant

A Consortium led by GOPA Infra GmbH, Germany, provides technical assistance to support the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) Egypt on Implementation of the program. Contract period of the Management Consultant (MC) is 30.03.2022 to 29.03.2026.

The Senior Members of the Management Consultant team are leading the team of international and local experts: 


GOPA-Infra GmbH

M.Sc., Energy and the Built Environment

  • Over 30 years’ experience in developing Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy projects and Climate Adaption projects. 
  • Project manager on various types of International, National and Private funded projects and as a developer and contractor of building, industrial refrigeration and energy projects. 
  • Energy policy and planning on Regional, National and International level. 
  • ESCO projects and optimization of energy use, energy management, and implementation of new energy technologies in the building and the industrial sector. 
  • Certified Energy Auditor and ISO 50001 consultant, EUREM (European Energy Manager) trainer. 

Prof. Dr. Hany

Deputy Teamleader

GOPA-Infra GmbH

PhD in Electrical Engineering

  • Over 36 years’ experience in developing Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sustainable Energy projects and Climate Adaption projects
  • Managing Director of Energy Research Center and Team leader for the center on renewable energy projects, implementation of 5 solar PV projects and 3 solar-water-heaters’ projects
  • Conducted more than 150 energy audits
  • In charge of Procurement Control, Risk Management and Risk Analysis for the Industrial Modernization Centre
  • Established a complete suppliers’ database for suppliers of goods, services and technical assistance including a framework of 15 Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies

Program Activities

  • Establishment of structures and processes for the program implementation and management
  • Promotion and marketing of EE and capacity building.
  • Auditing and support on planning and implementation of EE measures
  • Assessment of university specific EE saving potential and feasibility of EE measures.
  • Assessment of university specific EE saving potential and feasibility of EE measures.
  • Implementation of 2 to 3 lighthouse projects with a maximum budget of 3 Mio EUR. The budget is subject to available funds.
  • Development of an operation and maintenance concept.
  • Development of an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF).
  • Reporting, documentation and dissemination of lessons learnt.

Stakeholders and Governance Structure

The key stakeholders of the program are shown in the following schematic reflecting the governance structure and roles of stakeholders. 

Project Implementing Unit (PIU)

“the Decision Maker”:

  • To consist of SCU and Consultant
  • Executive power
  • To be responsible for project implementation, among others:
  • Manage the selection process of participating public universities
  • Procure and supervise initial and final auditing (through EE auditors)
  • Provide guidance to the universities and capacity building for Energy Managers
  • Evaluate proposals for measures proposed for implementation
  • Support the universities in their procurement
  • Supervision of works, quality control of results, environmental management
  • Project monitoring and reporting

Project Steering Committee

“The Advisor”:

  • To consist of SCU / Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) / Ministry of Finance (MoF) / Ministry of
  • International Cooperation (MoIC) / Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MoERE)
  • To promote the EE topic in Egypt
  • Project SCU will report regularly to Project Steering Committee


“The Beneficiaries”:

  • Providing energy managers
  • Provide basic data
  • Develop the preliminary and final project concepts
  • Participate in the call for projects, signing the agreement with SCU
  • Implement procurement of works and equipment
  • Take responsibility for operation and maintenance
  • Auditing and engineering consultants Carry out EE-audits, design and planning of the EE measures, supervise supply and works contractors.
  • Contractors for supply of EE equipment and execution of works. Conduct training on equipment operation and maintenance to technical staff of the universities.